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Sand Blasting

Surface preparation may be the most important part of any refinishing project, at TTM Finishes we have a great deal of experience with a variety of methods of cleaning and surface preparation. We can help you with your sandblasting project and advise on the appropriate abrasive material to use. Call us at (416) 768-7800 or send an email to

TTM Finishes offers mobile sandblast services for the GTA and across Ontario. Sandblasting is great in situations where other cleaning processes are not aggressive enough to get the job done.

We offer several types of sandblasting systems including our new dustless sandblasting system, a vacuum sandblast system, and several large and small sandblast systems. Our sandblast services are primarily targeted to general contractors and property owners. Our focus is in the building cleaning and restoration industry. Sandblasting such things as metal ceilings, old brick or wood buildings, to remove rust, scale or paint coatings. We also sandblast plant and heavy equipment on site for businesses when needed. We can even repaint the equipment if required with either conventional coatings or epoxy coatings.

We also are frequently requested by homeowners to sandblast concrete swimming pools in order to strip the surfaces of existing coatings and to prep them for new epoxy coatings. Another common service we offer is the blasting of new concrete surfaces in order to give the new surfaces an even appearance and profile. We often use it to blast brick clean of mortar residue after bricklaying.

Sandblasting allows us to remove rust, mill scale, old coatings, and contamination in preparation for new high performance coatings. We have vast experience applying many of these specialty coatings such as epoxies and urethanes, zinc rich primers, conventional paints and food and pharmaceutical grade protective coatings.

Sandblasting is often referred to by several variations of the same process such as soda blasting, bead blasting or abrasive blasting. These are all very similar systems utilizing different media for their primary work. We commonly blast with the following media types: : glass beads, garnet, aluminum oxide, black beauty slag, walnut shells, and corn cob.

Since every sandblasting job is different with special requirements, call us to discuss your specific needs at (416) 768-7800.

Some specific uses for sandblasting would be to:

  • profile a surface
  • remove scale, rust, or paint
  • cleaning & profiling concrete surfaces
  • remove stains and glues
  • remove graffiti
  • remove contamination in preparation for new coatings

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Sandblasting ceiling at GO Transit Bus Maintenance Facility
Pavement Cleaning
Sandblasting ceiling at GO Transit Bus Maintenance Facility
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